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Hello, beautiful souls!
We invite you to join us in an upcoming women’s Circle gathering!
This event is organized by the Arsamatoria community and will be a journey of self-discovery where the Sun and the Moon unite in the highest point of astrology, infusing us with the powerful energy to manifest our biggest dreams.
Event Details
The date is set
for December 13th, 2023,
from 18:30 to 21:30.
The energetic exchange for attending this event is 33€.
You can register here:
+34 635746831
What to Expect
Are you ready to step into the new year’s cycle with the right intentions?
This gathering is designed to immerse you in the most valuable sacred knowledge. You’ll learn what manifestation truly is and how to enhance your abilities through insightful journaling.
We have a transformative heart chakra opening planned, complemented by the soothing essence of a special essential oil.
You’ll also learn to identify and overcome manifestation blockages, elevate your spirit with a powerful thetahealing®️ meditation, and gain insight into the cosmic energies shaping your WOMEN’S CIRCLE EMBARK ON AN EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF SELFDISCOVERY WITH THETAHEALING®️ COACH JULIA
&ASTROLOGIST LIZZA upcoming year with an exclusive astrological forecast for 2024 with our special guest, astrologist Lizza.
She will provide personalized recommendations based on your natal chart for manifesting anything in life.
💎Bonus Session💎
As a bonus, discover how to start and charge your entire year with positivity, abundance, and success through a special «12 days» manifestation practice. Align your dreams with the universe, and don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your consciousness and set the tone for an incredible year ahead.
About the Organizers
Julia is an intuitive coach specializing in thetahealing®️ and family constellations. Julia empowers women to rewrite their stories, moving from self-doubt to renewed confidence. Through courses and personalized sessions, she guides women to break free from limitations, reconnect with their true potential, and foster purpose, authenticity, and joy. Julia believes in each woman’s power to transform her life and guides them toward a life aligned with their true essence. For more info visit
With love and passion for the stars Lizza gives each an opportunity to realize their true potential, authenticity and purpose. Lizza’s readings offer a blend of astrological and intuitive insights on what is hidden within and in the future. She strongly believes in ‘the right timing’, for if you’re seeking a positive change in your life — means you are ready to receive.
Arsamatoriacommunity is about creating a community where women can grow spiritually and achieve their dreams.
Don’t miss this opportunity to start the new year with positivity and abundance.
We look forward to seeing you there.
With love and gratitude,
Location: Institut de Salut Holística
Paris Street 162-164, 1st-1st
Barcelona, ​​next to Hospital Clinic metro.
Line 5 Blue.

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